First, Is this REally us?

No, professional models...but we're pretty cool too!

Travmar's SMALL TEAM: Always a BIG IMPACT

The New England Meeting Planning Guide was started by John Horchner, a publishing professional who'd left The Hearst Corporation in Manhattan for the greener pastures of entrepreneurship in Providence, RI. From that office, a series of similar regional source books were created that reached ten times the number of meeting planners in each region as the national meetings magazines. Travmar was born.

1995: Travmar's WeekendsAway was launched within the Microsoft Network (MSN) as one of its first 150 content providers. When Microsoft made the decision to switch MSN to an internet platform, Travmar had first dibs on the tools, training and resources to make the transition happen.

1996: MeetingSource.com was started as the USA's first meeting and convention site selection portal for the internet and quickly grew to accommodate 7700 facility and 11,000 event planner profiles. Since then it has served continuously as an authority on meeting and convention site selection.

1998: ResponseRewards.com was introduced as an innovative way to increase planner and attendee engagement.

2001: WeddingSource.com was acquired for the purpose of serving the group leisure market with the same quality information that served meeting planners so well. A re-launch is being planned.

2020: DigMeetings.com helps clients produce digital events using WordPress and/or Zoom. WordPress is supported by thousands of developers and used by millions...same with Zoom.

Travmar is NOW InTO DIGITAL meetings...

Event organizers who are wrestling with questions like whether digital content should be free or offered through a paid gateway…accessible over two, three days or a year…whether speakers should be prerecorded or live or what combination of the two…what tools exist to satisfy sponsors and exhibitors...can now turn to us for answers. We also host our own digital events!