of course we're into DIGITAL meetings...

Event organizers and sourcing specialists might want to join us for one of our digital events. Our formula allows for the sharing of content without a lot of training or expense.

Travmar's SMALL TEAM: Always a BIG IMPACT

Travmar started soon after John Horchner left The Hearst Corporation in Manhattan for the greener pastures of entrepreneurship in Providence, RI. At first, Travmar only published regional meeting source books for meeting planners but soon went digital.

1996: MeetingSource.com Launched as the USA's first meeting and convention site selection portal for the internet, it quickly grew to include 7700 facility and 11,000 event planner profiles. Since then it has served continuously as an authority on meeting and convention site selection.

2020: DigMeetings.com for digital event production. Our production formula leverages WordPress and Zoom to create compelling events to support brands.